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As an expert in the creation of high-end Internet sites, Ria-Box offers its clients (large companies, small and medium-sized companies, independent companies or individuals) all its skills in the design and realization of websites.

Showcase Website :

Each site realized by Ria-Box is treated in a specific way according to your needs. Careful design, enhanced content and intuitive navigation will give your site a professional image that matches your target and your products.

A complete offer from design to SEO of your site :

Strategic Audits and Recommendations (functional and technical)
Defining and collecting content
Declining a pre-existing graphic design or creating a custom design
HTML editing with lenses: loading speed, compatibility and optimization for page referencing
Web development (PHP, ASP, XML, JavaScript, etc)
Setting up a content management and publishing interface
Integration of marketing kits
Depositing and managing your domain names
Creating and managing your e-mail boxes
Consultation statistics
Testing and uploading of the website
Referencing with search tools
Maintenance and management of evolutions

Showcase Site:

A showcase site is a website that has the ability to convey the image of your business throughout the world, instantly and permanently at a lower cost: history, team, sales pitch, products and services, contact page , Geographical location and coordinates.

Ria-Box assists you in setting up your website by offering you quality services and advice tailored to your needs. We create sustainable Internet strategies for you thanks to our modular development:

Creating an original graphic chart
Designing the general architecture of the site
Site development
Contact form and request for information
Hosting, Domain name, emails
Attendance Statistics

Tip: Do not think your future website as an online version of your presentation brochure! Various specific actions are in all cases to be carried out:

Rethink the general organization to take advantage of the interactivity that links pages on a site

Create a true graphic charter thinking about the constraint of loading speed and the habits of Internet users
Organize content layout and menu location to make visitor browsing easier and more intuitive

Site Catalog:

You wish to present your company and your products or services in the form of an electronic catalog, dynamic, user-friendly and scalable! The catalog site (or the electronic catalog) allows you to present Frees products and services by your company. The more your company is active in launching new products / services, the more the catalog becomes an interesting and profitable option.

The electronic catalog aims to reduce a company's expenses by using the Internet as a low-cost communication tool (less expensive than long distance, mail or mass print catalog)

A catalog site presents your products but does not have (at first) online payment (E-Commerce website).

The implementation steps:

Data collection: You must send us your catalog of products and services, ie the description of the items, their characteristics, An image or illustration of the product.
Classification of information: Information is classified and listed for easy access to information and catalog content
Programming the catalog: The catalog is programmed and implemented at your site

E-commerce site:

The Ria-Box team offers you an e-commerce system. Internet users will have the possibility to consult your catalog, select products, order them and pay them online. Once the payment is made, the orders will be sent to you by e-mail or accessible on a management interface.

The online shopping sites (E-commerce site, online shopping site), which we carry out, include all the possible features:

Your custom GUI!
An Accounts Receivable Manager: Your customers can access their accounts, track and view their order status, print invoices, receive newsletters, Promotional site ...
Several control systems:
& Nbsp; & Nbsp; - Secure online payment
& Nbsp; & Nbsp; - Standard order by mail (Printable order form generator)
& Nbsp; & Nbsp; - Sending order form by mail
An administration and site management console: It allows you to update your e-commerce site (products, e-commerce options, Graphic elements, etc.). Thanks to our intuitive web interface CMS (Content Management System), it does not require any computer skills. Thus, you have no cost of updating or administration! A system of automatic update of the referencing:
& Nbsp; & Nbsp; - Search engine optimization system (Google, Yahoo ...)

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