What is a Domain name?

A domain name is an Internet address that allows you to access a website and send e-mail to your mailbox. The address of your company's site will generally be of the form http://www.domain.Qa and your emails of the type contact@domain.Qa.

When and why Book its Domain name?

It is important that you reserve your Domain name as soon as possible. Indeed, even if the name of your company, your brands and signs are filed, they are not protected on the Internet. At any time a user has the possibility to register your name as Internet address, he then owns it.

How to choose your Domain name ?

Generally, a Domain name is that of your brand, your products or the name of your company, in addition it is interesting to Book also generic names corresponding to your sector of activity.

When I create a website, is it automatically taken into account by engines ?

No, absolutely not, and quite the contrary, one might say. You can compare the situation to the installation of the phone at home. When Telecom (for simplicity :-)) installs the telephone jacks in your house, you are automatically registered in the telephone directory. If you do not wish to appear, you are applying for a red list. On the Internet (as often :-)), the opposite. When you create a website, you are initially red-listed, so not listed in any directory and on any search engine. IdealConception will take care of the referencing of your site and its visibility on the net.

What is the average time to develop a website ?

Depending on the project to be carried out, the average time required to run a website can vary from 3 to 6 weeks. We estimate 3 weeks for the creation of a Vitrine site and up to 6 weeks for an E-commerce site. We do not take into account the customer's response time during our various exchanges.

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