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What is the visual identity of your company?

The graphic representation of your identity, through signs, colors and shapes, allows you to stand out and communicate when a prospect has an eye on your documents. The visuals produced must be very explicit representations of what your company is. The more the visual identity will be clear and precise, with variations according to the graphic charter, the quicker and more efficient the identification.

Logo design?

The creation of a logotype can be considered as a design creation. It is the heart of a coherent graphic chart, the essential piece of a company's visual identity. Many elements must be taken into account in order to transmit the desired message, both in terms of shapes and colors.

The print

The overall visual identity of your company involves the realization of models of different formats: website of course, but also business card, letterhead, flyer, flap pouch.

Master the strategic stakes of a corporate identity and brand identity
Visually translate the values that make up the company's personality
Design and / or evolve a visual identity and decline it in a graphic charter

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