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Our website SEO company in Tunisia, SEO Internet Marketing, offers you several services in Internet marketing and web strategy, such as indexing in search engines, manual referencing and paid referencing.

Search Engine Optimization :

The term SEO is often assimilated to positioning, it is nevertheless important to implement actions optimizing the positioning of your website.

To make it simple, by comparing your website to a product in a supermarket, its presence is equivalent to referencing, its situation (for example at the head of the gondola) corresponds to its positioning.

What does the positioning of a website do?

The users choose keywords (or queries), corresponding to your trade, your products, your services ...

If your site does not appear on the very first pages, it will not be visited, that of your competitors well placed will be, be certain!

An effective SEO of your website is one of the first sources of visits. To optimize the SEO and positioning of your site Novatis bets on the winning combination of three factors of influence that are:

The technology used to develop your website
Editorial content (words used)
The popularity of your site, including setting up links from other sites to your site

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